Welcome to the Trade School POS Blog!

Welcome to our blog at Trade School Port of Spain!

Trade School Port of Spain is a volunteer-run community that offers classes to the public using barter instead of money.

Trade School is NOT free, and we try to stay away from that word. We celebrate the fact that bartering gives people an opportunity to explore ideas about value that are separate from money. We believe in the real value and power of non-monetary exchanges.

We believe in equal exchange and the power of group collaboration. Barter is not meant to portray ‘haggling’ – it’s about mutual aid, trusting strangers and sharing resources.

Our goal is to offer an accessible education resource that also builds trust & community connection in Port of Spain and by extension Trinidad and Tobago.

Through this blog we hope to share updates and events happening at Trade School Port of Spain as well as ideas, experiences and knowledge shared from our Trade School Port of Spain teachers and students.

Happy reading!

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